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This project is part financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areasThis project is part financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

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Latest News from Stonetrail Riding Centre in Cumbria, UK 

rts5.jpgNew Trail Rides for 2014

Our website has been updated with details and dates of our trail rides for 2014. New for 2014 is our Eden Rivers Trail Ride, a 4 day luxury break in our Farmhouse with trail rides following the many beautiful rivers of the Eden Valley

Winter-Warmer Rides 

During the colder months, why not try one of our Winter-Warmer Rides. Spend the morning wandering down towards Ravenstonedale on a horse before heading into the stunning country pub. Relax inf ront of a roaring log fire with warm, homemade mince pies and mulled wine.

There is no better way to spend a crisp, fresh Winter morning than in the picturesque landscape of the Eden Valley. alisononsidelarge.jpg


Christmas Gift Vouchers

Stonetrail Riding Centre is offering Christmas gift vouchers. The perfect gift for any rider! Vouchers will be personalised and sent to you, or directly to the lucky recipient. You can put any amount towards a gift voucher - it does not need to be the full cost of a ride. 

Contact us to find out more! 


archiealison.jpgArchie makes the sun shine   

After what seems like weeks of constant rain the sun finally shone for a beautiful evenings ride this week which provided a perfect backdrop to show off Archie, Alison's home bred boy for one of his first rides.

It is almost 4 years to the day of this photo that I woke up very early one morning with a sense of urgency that something was not right. When I looked out of the window I saw Dolly and then realised that lying in the grass beside her was a new born foal. Dolly, in her own archieborn.jpgtrue style had not shown any signs of an impending birth and Archie arrived a a month early.  It was such a fantastic mix of excitement and concern and all I remember was running across the feild in my pyjamas and bare feet to see this tiny but beautiful creature who had been born just minutes before I had woke up. Dolly is a wonderful mum and she allowed me to spend a few moments saying hello to Archie as he lay in the grass surrounded by buttercups. It  was a moment I will never forget.

Whilst the birth had gone well, Dolly did require a vet and I was grateful for whatever had woken me up. It then became apparant that Archie, for a reason we do not know, was also born with soft ligaments in his hind legs and was unable to straighten his leg for the first few days. We really did not know initially what the outcome would be but with good advice and care he overcame this early problem.

Archie has grown into a confident, beautiful horse who has a wonderful presence and he will make a fantastic trail horse. He is half brother to Maisy who was the first horse we bred from Dolly but he is the first and only so far to be born here at home. Archie is a fully registered Welsh Cob whose full name is "Ravenstonedale Streets Ahead". His sire is Maylands Sid. 

Dolly had a foal with a previous owner called Ebony who we were fortunate to purchase a couple of years ago. It is wonderful to be able to have Dolly with her three offspring living together with us here.



June 29th 2012

Mexican flavours and stormy weather add a little spice to our June Pennine Bridleway Ride

arena.jpgOur second Pennine Bridleway ride for the year completed its journey from Settle to Kirkby Stephen this week and it is fair to say it was not without a bit of drama and excitemement.  Despite it being "June" and the fact we had bottles and bottles of suncream and fly spray to hand the weather had other thoughts with low cloud, rain, flash floods and just when we thought it was getting better we were caught in the most incredible thunder and lightening storm on day 3. The horses however were fantastic and although a "little" concerned ( at one point we had all 8 horses lift their feet off the floor at the same time to a clap of thunder ) they did not panic, they worked together and waited calmly until the worst had passed. It is funny how situations like this which you may think will have a negative effect on a ride actually are the defining moment which pulls everyone together. It was dramatic, it was for some a bit scary and we all got very very wet. But we stood in the pub at the end of the ride and glowed with pride at making it through the storm. Tall stories are allowed on this one and we shall talk about it I am sure for many years to come. Joining us our ride this time was Emilia and her father Victor, Julie, Helen, Marie and Jarek. We had an international theme with Marie and Jarek travelling over from Paris and Victor, our mexican horseman who did a marvelous job of clearing the cattle out of our way along the trail. And we were introduced to the versitlity of Tabasco sauce, try it on your ham sandwiches, it works a treat. Thankyou to everyone this week, we look forward to riding with you again. 

June 12th 2012

Stonetrail invited to attend opening ceremony for the Pennine Bridleway with Martin Clunes, President of the British Horse Society 

Martin Clunes riding with Stonetrail Riding centre at the official opening of the Pennine Bridleway June 12 th 2012cewntrWe have just got home from a great day out at Horten-in-Ribblesdale where we took part in the long awaited opening ceremony for the Pennine Bridleway. We were delighted that Martin Clunes, as president of British Horse Society, agreed to open the bridleway and in doing so helped to raise the profile and support for pleasure riding and the importance of long distance bridleway networks. We were invited to bring along 7 horses, one of which Martin rode called Gemma  who was not star struck at all and carried out her role with great pride. The photo is of Martin and Gemma at the cutting of the ribbon with myself ( riding Posh ), the chairman of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Chairman of Natural England ). Once we had carried our our official duties we all let off some steam with a few pony club races back at the field.

Photo Right - Alison with Martin Clunes and the cutting of the ribbon to mark the opening of the Pennine Bridleway

Lots more details and photos on our Pennine Bridleway Trail Ride page.


June 1st 2012

Pennine Bridleway Trail Ride Day 2 May 30th 2012   r1.jpg2012 Pennine Bridleway Trail Rides Get Going

We have just completed the first Pennine Bridleway Ride of the year ending with the offical handing out of the rosettes ! Thankyou to June, Lisa, Penny, Pat, Chris and Jane who joined us. We had mostly good weather and managed to dodge the showers quite well on the third day. Horses were as ever, quite brilliant.    

Here we all are eating our butties in true Trail Ride style. 

Lots more photos of this ride on our Photo Gallery



May 25th 2012

A ride to the pub on a sunny afternoon and some tales from the past  

Today we had a fabulous afternoon ride across Ash Fell ( great canter along the top ) with Helen, Jane, Sue and Dave. We stopped at the Kings Head on a sunny afternoon and everyone enjoyed  a cool drink outside next to the river. We had a lovely chat with a gentleman who proudly told us he was 90 and who had lived near Ravenstonedale as a boy and was now living near Southport ( and he was still shoeing  horses ).  He told us that his dad used to make him ride to school on one of the farm horses and when he got there he would pat it on the bum and it would make its own way home. He took a particular liking to Spencer who he said was just like the ones they used to have on the farm, "gud an strong" he said.  We asked him what he did about his tack when he let the horse go and he just shook his head and grinned saying they had no money for fancy things like tack. Can you imagine what he would say if we took him to Derby House ! There is a motorway now where he used to wander to school. Sometimes you wonder if change is all for the best ? 


May 10th 2012

Riders enjoy the first of this years 2 Day Eden Valley Trail Ride 

This weekend we  rode our Mini Eden Express Trail ride on Saturday and Sunday and then again on Wednesday and Thursday. This ride takes us from Ravenstonedale to Crosby Garrett and back which includes some great canters the through the beautiful Smardale nature reserve. We all had a lot of fun and the horses were brilliant. Poor weather on the Thursday did cut our ride short but we made up for it with a great lunch back at our farmhouse and sometimes it makes you realise that the company and the social side to our trail rides play just as an important part as the riding itself. Spencer, our new horse, made his debut as a customer ride ridden by Anna, and was voted a great success. 

Big thanks to Kath, Rae, Jenny, Jane, Anna, Gill, Don and Jo for riding with us.    

You can view more photos on our gallery pages.